Thursday, September 30, 2010

this song is absolutely amazing. this is from aloe blacc's Good Things released earlier this year. oh yeah, and guess what. this guy is from right here in orange county.

song of the day. almost friday!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

9.22.10, my last show for a while :(

This was my last show til January. :/ I am pretty sad about it, but I will be back!!
Thanks to the people who tuned in tonight, and called in: Oz & friends (dont know if thats how you spell it), Fernando, Heather, John, etc. It's nice knowing I have some fans! I will still update my blog with music so feel free to stop by and say hi every once in a while.

Here is the link so that you can still listen to my show if you missed it: 9.22.10

(Ta for now!)

The Fall-  Rowche Rumble-  Totally Wired - The Rough Trade Anthology         
The Drums- Best Friend                    
The Bats- Never said goodbye- The Law Of Things    Small Black- Despicable Dogs- Small Black EP       

Envelopes-  I'm In Love And I Don't Care Who Knows It- Here Comes The Wind      
Deerhoof- Spirit Ditties Of No Tone- The Runners Four
Surf City- Kudos- Not Given Lightly (A Tribute to the Giant Golden Book of New Zealand`s Alternative Music Scene)    

Orchestre Zaiko Langa Langa- Katshi- l'Afrique Danse  
Wild Nothing- Summer Holiday- Gemini             
MillionYoung-  Sunndreamm-  Sunndreamm EP         
Blackbird Blackbird-  Kings-   Summer Heart LP    
Candy Claws- Miracle Spring-   Hidden Lands       
**Blonde Redhead- Penny Sparkle- Penny Sparkle

Brian Eno- Strange Overtones- Everything That Happens Will Happen
Destroyer- The Sublimation Hour- Streethawk: a
Jonathan Richman-  A Higher Power-  I, Jonathan   
Why?- Sanddollars- Elephant Eyelash      

Sunset Rubdown- Us Ones in Between- Shut Up I Am Dreaming     
Smog- I Feel Like The Mother Of The World- A River Ain't Too Much To Love     
suni mcgrath- Lo, I'll Be with You Always- childgrove  

Sun Kil Moon- You Are My Sun- Admiral Fell Promises     
Mason Lindahl- Serrated Man Sound-  Serrated Man Sound  
Sam & The Plants- argyll minor-  The Eft LP     
Selda-  Tatli dillim- Turkulerimiz 1       
The  Cosmic Rays- Bye Bye- The Singles (Disc 1)

Monday, September 20, 2010

hiatussss. last show 9.22.10

i am taking a small hiatus as i go deep sea diving for better grades this quarter (brian made me say that). don't worry i will be back and better than ever, hopefully with a boosted gpa in winter quarter. i will update the site infrequently with cool music that you should probably check out if you know what is good for you. until then, check out my last show for a while this wednesday. i will make sure it is awesome.


top to bottom: envelopes, sam & the plants, lucho bermudez (nice outfit), ozel (turkish belly-dancing queen), and far right is juan vicente torrealba-- amazing venezuelan harpist

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


**Screaming Females- I Don't Mind It- Castle Talk
Sleater-Kinney- Oh!- One Beat
The Bats- I Go Wild- Tuatara
girls at our best- too big for your boots- pleasure   
Sneaky Feelings-  Throwing Stones- Tuatara- A Flying Nun

Mirrors- How Could I- Something That Would Never Do       
Sam & The Plants-  board snore- The Eft LP    
Cotton Jones-  Blood Red Sentimental Blues- Paranoid Cocoon
Silver Jews- Suffering Jukebox- Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea
Royal City- Dog Song- Royal City 1999-2004       

Mustafa Ozkent Orchestra-  Uskudar -  Genclik Elele       
Erawan Band- Khon Muangkhan- Thai Beat A Go-Go Vol. 3       
Kourosh Yaghmaie- Gol-E Yakh-  Pomegranates       
The Incredible String Band-You Get Brighter-  Wee Tam       

Lucho Bermúdez-  Colombia Tierra Querida- Tolú     
Maria Bethânia- Cantigas Populares - A Coroa                     
Elias Dia Kimuezu-  Ressurreicão- Angola 60's:1956-1970       
Antarctica Takes It!-  Flightless Birds-  The Penguin League
Ruby Suns- Adventure Tour- Sea Lion             
Department Of Eagles-  While We're Young-  Archive 2003-2006       

Jonathan Richman- My Baby Love Love Loves Me-  Not So Much To Be Loved As
To  Love
Half-Handed Cloud- Beachcomber's Ultralight-  Stowaways
No Kids- Listen for it Courtyard music- Come Into My House       
Benni Hemm Hemm- Beygia Og Beygia- S/T

Chris Schlarb- Section III - Twilight & Ghost Stories
Ecstatic Sunshine- Ramontana- Freckle Wars
James Blackshaw- Echo and Abyss- Litany of Echoes   
St. Vincent-   All My Stars Aligned-  Marry Me   

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Ponytail- Die Allman Bruder- Ice Cream Spiritual
Little Teeth- Applegate- Child Bearing Man
Envelopes- Freejazz- Here Comes the Wind
Surf City- Mt. Kill- Surf City
The Walkmen- Angela Surf City- Lisbon

The Acorn- Slippery When Wet- No Ghost
Julie Doiron- Me and My Friend- Woke Myself Up
Mountain Man- White Heron- Made the Harbor
M. Ward- Shangri La- Hold Time

Toe- Two Moons- For Long Tomorrow
Brian Eno- Golden Hours- Another Green World
cLOUDDEAD- The Teen Keen Skip- Ten

Balmorhea- The Summer- Rivers Arms
Asobi Seksu- Urusai Tori- Rewolf
Erik Enocksson- The Joy of DH Lawrence- Farval Falkenburg

Ozel- The Dance in the Garden- Dance into Your Sultan's Heart
Maria Rossi- Cinturao de Fogo- Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas
Ruy Mingas- Monangamb- Angola 60s: 1956-1970
Geraldo Mestre Morgado- Mini Saia- Angola 60s: 1956-1970
Juan Vicente Torrealba- Chipolenado- Interpreta Su Musica

Antonio Carlos Jobim- Caveleiro Monge- Fotografia
Baden Powell- Sem Saber- Tempo Feliz
Marissa Nadler- Rosary- Little Hells

Aaron Ross- Glory Glory Paranoia- Paranormal Attitude
Bart Davenport- Intertwine- Game Preserve
The Magnetic Fields- I Think I need a new heart- 69 Love Songs Vol.1
Destroyer- Priest's Knees- Destroyer's Rubies

dot tape dot- df fragment- tomavistas

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

9.1.10 with Intern Erica

Menomena- Boyskouts Sweetboyskouts- Friend and Foe
Why?- 500 Fingernails- Almost Live from Eli's Room

Marnie Stern- Roads? Where We're Going We Don't Need Roads..- This is It...
Deerhoof- O Malley, Former Underdog- The Runners Four
**Screaming Females- Laura + Marty- Castle Talk

--------------Erica's powerblock(s)----
Cosmic Rays - Dreaming- The Singles
Astrud Gilberto - Oba, Oba - Beach Samba
Camera Obscura - Tears for Affairs - Let's Get Out of this Country
Dean & Britta - I'll Keep It With Mine (Scott Hardkiss mix) - 13 Most Beautiful: Songs from Andy Warhol's Screen Tests

Smog - Bathysphere - Wild Love
Clem Snide - Me No - Hungry Bird
Bonnie Prince Billy - Madeleine Mary - I See a Darkness
Yo La Tengo- Here Comes My Baby- Fakebook

Cab Calloway- San Francisco Fan- The King of Hi De Ho 1934-1937
Uppers International- Dankasa-
Keno Diatta & Sona Mane- Praise Song (Senegal)- Ibi Na Bo
Jackie Mittoo% The Soul Brothers - Hot Milk- Evening Time
Gregor Samsa- Ain Leuh- Rest
**ceo- all around- White Magic

Juan Vicente Torrealba- Andalucia- Interpreta Su Musica
Antarctica Takes It!- Bossa- Constellations
Boat- 200 Days 59 ways- Let's Drag Our Feet
**Best Coast- Boyfriend- Crazy For You

Bobby Birdman- Victory At Sea- New Moods
**Mahjongg- LA Beat- The Long Shadow of the Paper Tiger
**Fela Ransome Kuti & The Africa 70- Who're You- Nigeria Afrobeat Special

Tindersticks- Another Night In- Curtains
**Aloe Blacc- I Need a Dollar- Stones Throw