Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Subbing for Raechal Ray's Cooking Accident 1.11.11

Marnie Stern- For Ash- Marnie Stern                              
Dustin Wong - Infinite Love "Brother"           
Cotton Jones- Sail Of The Silver Morning- Tall Hours In The Glowstream       
The Bats- Other side of you - The Law Of Things                                 
Ellie Fortune- Summer Fable- Matriarch                       
James Blackshaw- Part 3  - All Is Falling    
Bill Callahan- Sycamore- Woke On A Whaleheart 
Gregori Matusewitsch- Yidisher Melodien- Global Accordion - Early
Abner Jay-  My Middle Name is the Blues- Last Ole Minstrel
Al Balabil- title unknown- "Sahrat" avec El Balabil (cassette

Ducktails- Killin' The Vibe-   Ducktails III: Arcade
Pregnant- Uphill Divination- Regional Music
Shugo Tokumaru- Straw- Port Entropy

Friday, January 7, 2011

A Belated Best of 2010 List

If you haven't completely discounted my music taste after my last post, here is some stuff i liked in 2010. Since a lot of the artists I liked came out with two releases I'm grouping them together because I'm lazy and BECAUSE I CAN.

5) Janelle Monae, Arch Android 
dig this album.

4) Dustin Wong: Let It Go & Infinite Love
I have to say I think I like Infinite Love best out of the two-- it was released as two different discs, "Brother" and "Sister" that begin the same way and then branch off in different directions. Dude also gets award for fave show of the year-- partly cuz it was awesome, and partly because I can't remember going to very many others.

from "Brother" Disc 1
3) Pregnant: Liquidation on Swans & Regional Music
I really didn't remember Liquidations of Swans being released this year, but according to numerous sites I guess it just barely slipped in.  Anyway both albums are phenomenal.  Both out on Life's Blood.

**Favorite Track of the Year Alert**

2) Sufjan Stevens: All Delighted People EP & Age of Adz
I ended up listening to the EP more than the LP even though the LP seems to be everyone's fave. But both were great. Djohariah itself is enough to make me love the EP, the sucker is long, but if you've got patience it's the best thing off the album.

1) Shugo Tokumaru: Port Entropy. This is my favorite all-around album. Not released in the US til Feb, but has already been released in Japan. For some reason it feels nostalgic and sentimental even though it just came out.  There is no way you can mope while listening to this album, awesome.

Favorite track by artist not in top 5:
Favorite "unreleased" track of 2010:

<3 you Mook, hurry and release something.

Other good things released this year:
Jonquil, A Hundred Suns EP: Nice all around pop release, music for da beach.
Ellie Fortune, Matriarch: Nice dude, nice voice, haunting folk music from Sacramento
Antn Hrkwk, Thoroughbred released on life's blood
Sun Kil Moon, Admiral Fell Promises
James Blackshaw, All is Falling

Sunday, January 2, 2011

winter break workin.

When desperation brought me to new lows at 4:40 am this morning, Hall & Oates found themselves a considerably more loyal fan.