Wednesday, August 26, 2009

ponyo, ponyo, ponyo

8.25.09 with Intern Mahalia

**Marmoset- Empty Room- Tea Tornado
**Darlings- Eviction Party- Yeah I Know
**Deerhunter- Famous Last Words- Rainwatre Cassette Exchange
**V/A- Society Girl- The Sound of Wonder

(back announce- hawk and handsaw- kertesz- delivrance)
DM Stith- BMB Son Lux Remix featuring Carlosaur- BMB Ep
Micachu- Ship- Jewellery
Dosh- Ship Wreck- The Lost Take
Dianogah- Andrew Jackson- QHNNNL

Black Heart Procession- the old kind of summer- One
Elliott Smith- Independence Day- XO
tUne-yards- For You- Bird Brains
Josephine Foster- Nahe des Geliebten- A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

The Concretes- Chico- The Concretes
Frances- The Brain- All the While
Jim O'Rourke- Prelude to 110 or 220/Women of the World- Eureka
Yacht- Women of the World- I Believe In You, Your Magic is Real

**Intern Mahalia's Picks**
1. The Cloud Room - "Hey Now Now" - The Cloud Room
2. Andrew Bird - "Heretics" - Armchair Apocrypha
3. Kings of Convenience - "Mrs Cold" - Declaration of Dependence
4. Yo La Tengo - "Griselda" -
5. Pains of Being Pure at Heart - "Stay Alive" - S/T
6. Iron and Wine - "Die" - Dark was the Night
7. God Help the Girl - "Come Monday Night" - God Help the Girl
8. Circulatory System - "Round Again" - Signal Morning
9. Sea and Cake - "Jacking the Ball" - The Sea and Cake


Sondre Lerche- After All- Phantom Punch
Camera Obscura- The Sweetest Thing- My Maudlin Career
**Fruit Bats- Beautiful Morning Light- The Ruminant Band
Beach House- Auburn and Ivory- Beach House
Library Tapes- It Ends With A Version of Keeping- Feeling for Something Lost
Corespondents- Another Day for Lil' Me- Hairy Ghost Pipefish
Dot Tape Dot- Df Fragment- Tomavistas

Sun Kil Moon- Blue Orchids- April

The Botticellis- Stay With MY Brother- Old Home Movies
Asobi Seksu- Me and Mary- Hush
**Cale Parks- Two Haunt Me- Sparklace
Brian Eno- Dead Finks Don't Talk- Here Come the Warm Jets
Destroyer- Music Lovers- Your Blues

Marissa Nadler- Mexican Summer- Songs III: Bird on the Water
Various Artists- Llegada- Harps of Paraguay
Antonio Carlos Jobim- Chega De Saudade- Fotografia disc 1
Sun Kil Moon- Pancho Villa- Ghosts of the Great Highway

Cotton Jones- Blood Red Sentimental Blues- Paranoid Cocoon
Destroyer- Breakin the Law- We'll Build Them a Golden Bridge
Aaron Ross- Sin is a Spell- Shapeshifter

Jim O'Rourke- Please Patronize Are Sponsers- Eureka
Sea and Cake- Coconut- Everybody

**Sondre Lerche- Heartbeat Radio- Heartbeat Radio


**V/A- Dama Dam Mast Qalandar- The Sound of Wonder
**The Fruit Bats- Singing Joy to the World- The Ruminant Band
**The Slant- A Fair Escape- The Making of This House
Corespondents- Secret Ancient Man- Hairy Ghost Pipefish
**Mount Eerie- Between Two Mysteries- Wind's Poem
**Timber Timbre- Get Low- S/t

**Deerhunter- Game of Diamonds- Rainwater-Cassette-Exchange
**Holiday Shores- Bradley Bear- Columbus'd the Whim
**Thunder Power- Casanova- Love Yourself

Paris Combo- Pas a Pas- Living Room
Keren Ann- La Contradiction- Nolita

**Cale Parks- A Long Time in the Air- Sparklace
Zakir Hussain- Rhthm Sonata in E Major- Zakir Hussain
Shankar/Jaikishan- Music from Merchant Ivory's Film "Bombay Talkie"-
Darjeeling Limited Soundtrack
**Kamal Abmed- Yeh Raat Jane Keya Keya- The Sound of Wonder
Ustad Vilayat Khan- Arrival in Benaras- Darjeeling Limited Soundtrack
Asha Bhosle and Kisore Kumare- Typewriter Tip Tip Tip- Darjeeling Limited
Andy Dixon- Men of the Mill- The Mice of Mt. Career

Efterklang- Him Poe Poe- Parades
Kronos Quartet- Kin Sventa- Nuevo
**Jonsi and Alex- Boy 1904- Riceboy Sleeps
Alex Weissenberg- Suite Bergmenesque 3 Claire de Lune- Darjeeling Limited
White Hinterland- A Beast Washed Ashore- Phylactory Factory

Bulent Ortacgil- Benimle Oynar Mysyn- Benimle Oynar Mysyn
Shugo Tokumaru- Green Rain- Exits


**Bombadil- Reasons- Tarpits and Canyons
Luiz Bonfa- Cariacoes Em Viaolo- Solo in Rio 1959
Kaki King- Night After Sidewalk- Everybody Loves You
Department of Eagles- In Ear Park- In Ear Park

**DM Stith- BMB (Son Lux Remix)- BMB EP
**Cale Parks- This Morning- Sparklace
**Cale Parks- We Can Feel It- To Swift Mars
**City Center- Open/House- City Center

**The Slant- The Human Spirit- The Making of this House
**The Fruit Bats- Tegucigalpa- The Remnant Band
Frances- Cousin- All the While
Lake- Blue Ocean Blue- Oh the Places Well Go

The Do- Playground Hustle- A Mouthful
Sesame Street- Sing- The Kids- Sesame Street Playground
Wee Hairy Beasties- Belly Button Blues- Holidays Gone Crazy
K n D Men- Come Home Doggie "Dancing Dog"- Doggie Dog World
" "-Doggie Doggie Doggie World

**The Most Serene Republic- Phi- And the Ever Expanding Universe
**Reverie Sound Revue- In Hotel Homes- Reverie Sound Revue
The Ruby Suns- Blue Penguin- Sea Lion
The Russian Futurists- Precious Metals- Let's Get Ready to Crumble
The Sea and Cake- Hotel Tell- One Bedroom
Sam Prekop- The Shadow- Sam Prekop

**A Hawk and a Hacksaw- Lassu- Delivrance
**Parenthetical Girls- Unmentionables- Entanglements

**Jonsi and Alex- Indian Summer- Riceboy Sleeps


**Bombadil- Sad Birthday- Tarpits and Canyons
**Throw Me the Statue- Wave from the Shore- Creaturesque
Baskervilles- This Was the Weekend- Baskervilles
Suburban Kids With Biblical Names- Marry Me- #3

**Most Serene Republic- Catharsis Boo- And the Ever Expanding Universe
**Fruit Bats- Primitive Man- The Ruminant Band
**The Postmarks- Go Jetsetter- Memoirs at the End of the World

**Blue Roses- Cover Your Tracks- Blue Roses
Corespondents- Westminster Fuller- Ghost Pipefish
**Jonsi and Alex- Happiness- Riceboy Sleeps
Les Choristes- Caresse sur l'ocean- Les Choristes

St. Vincent- We Put a Pearl in the Ground- Marry Me
St. Vincent- Landmines- Marry Me
Yann Tiersen- Mother's Journey- Goodbye, Lenin!
Amiina- Fjarskanistan- Animamina
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra with Joshua Bell- Our Secret- Ladies in Lavender
Edith Piaf- Hymne A L'amour- The Very Best of Edith Piaf

The American Dollar- Bump- (myspace)
AU- Boute- Au
**Years- The Major Lift- Years
Sigur Ros- Vid Spilum Endalaust- Med Sud I Eyrum

Andrew Bird- Happy Birthday Song- Fingerlings 3
Kronos Quartet- Perfidia- Nuevo
The Long Lost- Ballroom Dance Club- The Long Lost

Sun Kil Moon- Si, Paloma- Ghosts of the Great Highway
Luiz Bonfa- Luzes De Rio 2- Solo in Rio 1959

Buena Vista Social Club- Orgullecida- Buena Vista Social Club


**God Help the Girl- God Help the Girl- God Help the Girl
Camera Obscura- I Don't Do Crowds- Biggest Bluest Hi-fi
**Reverie Sound Revue- You Don't Exist If I Can't see you- Reverie Sound
**Ohbijou- Eloise and the Bones- Beacons

Silver Jews- We Could Be Looking For the Same Thing- Lookout MTN. Lookout sea
BOAT- Trained by Trains- Songs that You Might Not Like

**Nouvelle Vague- All My Colours- 3
Parsley Sound- Ocean House- Parsley Sounds
Damon & Naomi- Turn of the Century- Playback Singers
French Kicks- Said So What- Swimming

Colleen- Golden Morning Breaks- Golden Morning Breaks
**Netherfriends- Really?- Calling You Out
**DM STITH- BMB (roberto c lange remix- BMB ep
**Most Serene Republic- Four Humours- ...And the ever expanding Universe
**Parenthetical Girls- Avenue of Trees- Entanglements
Nat Baldwin- Wake Up its Time to Rise- Lights Out

Starf***er- Medicine- Jupiter
**Discovery- I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend- LP
**Micachu- Sweetheart- Jewellery
**Micachu- Eat Your Heart- Jewellery
**Cale Parks- Every Week Ends- Sparklace

Russian Futurists- Still Life- Our Thickness
**Gobbble Gobble- Piles of Salt- Neon Graveyard
**Years- The Assassination of Dow Jones- Years
**Clues- Let's Get Strong- Clues

**Megafaun- Impressions of the PAst- Gather, Form and Fly


Yann Tiersen- La boulange- les retrouvailles
**Portland Cello Project- The Lamb- The Thao & Justin Power Sessions
Olafur Arnalds- 3704/3837- Eulogy for Evolution

**DM Stith- Be My Baby- BMB EP
Anathallo- Sleeping Torpor- Canopy Glow
**Ohbijou- Make it Gold- Beacons

BOAT- Cats on the F.M.- Let's Drag Our Feet
Endless Bummer- Itican of Lacota- No Beach Out of Reach
**Royal City- A Belly is Made for Wine- Royal City

Brigitte Bardot- Everybody Loves My Baby- Brigitte Bardot
Brigitte Bardot- Rose D'eau- Brigitte Bardot
Edith Piaff- Milord-
France Gall- Sacre Charlemagne- Poupee de Son
Keren Ann- Midi dans le salon de Duchesse- Nolita

Paco de Lucia- Spanish Flamenco- Buena Vista Social Club
Cesaria Evora- Mar Azul- Best of Cesaria Evora

**Bombadil- Oto the Bear- Tarpits and Canyons
**Parenthetical Girls- Unmentionables- Entanglements
Beirut- The Flying Club Cup- The Flying Club Cup

Raymond Listen- Everyday Supernatural- Licorice Root Orchestra
The Subjects- The Best of Us- with the grace precision and cleverness of
human beings
Mook- Statues- The Eggs EP
The Modern Lovers- Girlfriend- Precise Modern Lovers Order

**Discovery- I Want You Back- LP
The Notwist- Neon Golden- Neon Golden

The Ruby Suns- Ole Rinka- Sea Lion
Dm Stith- Morning Glory Cloud- Heavy Ghost


**alla- sigue tiempo- es tiempo (world)
**alela diane- my brambles- to be still
**senor coconut- moscow discow- around the world (world)

sonics- wallin'
daniel johnston- lousy weekend- fun
toulouse- every office every weekend- new points new lines
**young fresh fellows- lamp industries- i think this is
**the press fire!- dealbreaker- es slash tee
ponytail- celebrate the body electric- ice cream spiritual\

**royal city- dog song- royal city
mount eerie- lost wisdom- lost wisdom
**reverie sound revue- an annivesary away- reverie sound revue
**it hugs back- rehearsal- inside your guitar

**portland cello project- por la cabeza- the thao and justin power sessions
mikis theodorakis- zorba the greek- zorba the greek
various artists- cajita de arpa- maite america: harps of paraguay

trachtenburg family slideshow players- mountain trip to japan, 1959- slide
collections from seattle, col. I
the music lovers- sweetzer avenue- cheap songs tell the truth
of montreal- one of a very few of a kind- the bedside drama a petite
tragedy (shapan pick)
the barmitzvah brothers- daytime moms- night of the the party

**dm stith- around the lion legs (slow dance version)- bmb ep
**grizzly bear- i live with you- veckatimest

**hermit thrushes- snowflake heart- slight fountain
**micachu- calculator- jewellery


**The Portland Cello Project- Tallymarks- The Thao and Justin Power Sessions
**Sunset Rubdown- Apollo and the Buffalo and Anna Anna Anna Oh!- Dragonslayer
**Pomegranates- This Land Used to Be My Land But Now I Hate This Land-
Everybody, Come Outside

**Camera Obscura- My Maudlin Career- My Maudlin Career
Lake- Dead Beat- Oh The Places We'll Go
**Phoenix- Lisztomania- Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
Hello Seahorse!- Lost Cause Heart- Hoy a Las Ocho
**Dent May and His Magnificent Ukulele- At the Academic Conference- The
Good Feeling Music of Dent May and His Magnificent Ukulele

**Grizzly Bear- Dory- Veckatimest
Nat Baldwin- Black Square- Most Valuable Player
**St. Vincent- Just the Same But Brand New- Actor
Paavoharju- Tuosku Tarttuu Meihinn- Laulu Laakson Kukista

**Alela Diane- White As Diamonds- To Be Still
Marissa Nadler- Diamond Heart- Songs III: Bird on the Water
**ohbijou- Make It Gold- Beacons
The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir- Would You Still Love Me If I Was In a
Knife Fight- i bet you say that to all the boys

Anavan- The Perfect Sound- Cover Story
**Micachu- Golden Phone- Jewellery
**Dan Deacon- Suprsise Stefani- Bromst

**Cale Parks- Some Sew, Some Find- Sparklace
**Cale Parks- Outro (New York)- Sparklace
**Ty Segall- Lovely One- Lemons
**Subjects- Bird Song- with the ease grace precision and cleverness of
human beings
Wire- Three Girl Rhumba- On Returning

**Big Whup- Can't Take My Beast From Me- No Teepee
**Royal City- I Called But You Were Sleeping- Royal City 1999-2004
Bulent Ortacgil- Benimle Oynar Mysyn- Benimle Oynar Mysyn

Aaron Ross- The mountain- Shapeshifter


Jonathan Richman- That Summer Feeling- I, Jonathan
Paco De Lucia- La Paloma
Thao Nguyen and the Get Down Stay Down- Swimming Pools- We Brave Bee
Stings and All
Totally Michael- Summertime- Totally Michael

Bishop Allen- Like Castanets- The Broken String
Little Joy- The Next Time Around- Little Joy
Ponies in the Surf- Sweet & Low- See You Happy Disc 2
The Modern Lovers- Ice Cream Man- Berserkley Years
Jens Lekman- A Sweet Summer's Night on Hammer Hill

phoenix- summer days (request)
ween-ocean man- mollusk

Ponytail- Beg Waves- Ice Cream Spiritual
Antn Hrkwk- Have a Great Summer at the Movies- Mutually Assured
Animal Collective- Summertime Clothes- Merriweather Post Pavillion
Asobi Seksu- Meh No Mae- Hush
Astrud Gilberto- Once Upon a Summertime- Verve Jazz Masters 9

The Brunettes- Summer Love- Holding Hands, Feeding Ducks
Thunder Power- Casanova- Love Yourself
Surf City- Headin Inside- Surf City EP
Crocodiles- Summer of Hate- Summer of Hate
The Shaky Hands- Summer's Life- The Shaky Hands
Endless Bummer- Ride On- No Beach Out Of Reach
Rabaza- track 7- ? (request Deanna)

Emiliana Torrini- Summerbreeze- Love in the Time of Science
Marissa Nadler- Mexican Summer- Songs III: Bird on the Water

The Decemberists- Summersong- The Crane Wife
The Avalanches- Summer Crane- Since I Left You
Camera Obscura- Honey in the Sun- My Maudlin Career

Akron/Family- Sun Will Shine- Set Em Wild Set Em Free