Wednesday, August 25, 2010


**James Blackshaw- Part 3- All Is Falling
**Sun Kill Moon- You Are My Sun- Admiral Fell Promises
Juan Vicente Torrealba- Bolero- Interpreta Su Musica

Nass El Ghiwane- Magwani- Le Sens du Mot
Mystery Korean - Tae Pyung Ga- Mystery Korean Record

Blonde Redhead- Magic Mountain- Misery Is A Butterfly
Monster Rally- Birds Part II- EP
Cokiyu- roadz- Mirror Flake

**Antarctica Takes It- Spirit of Love-
Envelopes- Calypso- Life on the Beach
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah- Is this love- S/T
Destroyer- Sublimation Hour- Streethaw a Seduction

French Quarter- Snakes Fantastic- S/T
Why?- Rubber Traits- Almost Live from Eli's Room
Pere Ubu- Miss You- Tenement Year

Artichoke- Young, Thomas- 26 Scientists
Deerhoof- + 81- Friend Opportunity
Marnie Stern- Ruler- I am It.... etc.
Ponytail-Beg Waves- Ice Cream Spiritual
Nice NIce-Big Bounce-Extra Wow

**The Books-I didnt know that- The way out
The Go Team-Doing it Right- Proof of Youth
Polysics-Teil Teil Teil-Now is the time

Jonathan Richman- Cerca- Jonathan, Te Vas a Emocionar

Monday, August 23, 2010

                                           download monster rally's "EP" for free here.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Envelopes- Boat- Here Comes the Wind
The Acorn- Dents- Tin Fist
Blonde Redhead- For the Damaged- Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons
Midori Hirano- Null- Klo Yuri

French Quarter- Bold With Fire- French Quarter
Antn Hrkwk- We Are All Alone- Thoroughbred
Dan Deacon- Wham City- Spiderman of the Rings

Bobby Birdman- I Will Come Again- The Heart Caves EP
Pregnant- Stars Surround Your House- Liquidation on Swans

Monster Rally- A Voice- Palm Reader
Aaron Ross- Avalon- Paranormal Attitude
Department of Eagles- While We're Young- Archive 2003-2006
Sun Kil Moon- Alesund- Admiral Fell Promises
Candy Claws- Miracle Spring- Hidden Lands
Selda- Kizil Dere- Selda

Baden Powell- Varacoes Sobre Berimbau- Afro Sambas
Piry- Heroi Moderno- Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas: Tropicalia Psychadelic Masterpieces 1967-1976
Caetano Veloso- Por Quem?- Zii E Zie

The Tallest Man on Earth- King of Spain- The Wild Hunt
Nana Grizol- Atoms- Rush
Mount Eerie- You Swan, Go On- Lost Wisdom
Woods- Rain On- Songs of Shame
Mount Eerie- Who?- Dawn
Haruka Nakamura- Twilight

The Notwist- One Step Inside Doesn't Mean You Understand- Neon Golden
Nat Baldwin- Mask I Wear- Most Valuable Player

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


**Department of Eagles- Grand Army Plaza- Archive 2003-2006
Balmorhea- Baleen Morning- Rivers Arms
Marissa Nadler- My Love and I- Songs III: Bird on the Water
St. Vincent- What Me Worry?- Marry Me
*Amina- Kolapot- Kerr*

Ramses III- No Water No Moon- I Could Not Love You More
A Reading from Walden
Mountains- map table- Choral
Cokiyu- Piano and Frog- Mirror Flake
*Dosh- Indian Bells- Powder Horn*

French Quarter- Golden Heart- French Quarter
**The Walkmen- Torch Song- Lisbon
Feu Therese- Les Enfantes- Ca Va Cogner
**Monster Rally- Steal- Palm Reader
*Artie Shaw/Art Tatum- My Blue Heaven*

Why?- A Sky for Shoeing Horses Under- Almost Live from Eli's Room
Da Bears- Dinos- EP
Aaron Ross- The Eye of the Beholder- Paranormal Attitude
Ellie Fortune- The Echo- Matriarch
*Hauschka- Rode Null- Ferndorf*

Beirut- The Flying Club Cup- The Flying Club Cup
Jyotirindra Moitra & Usted Ali Abkar Khan- Farewell to EArnest- "The Householder"
M. Ashraf- Dama Dam Mas Qalander- The Sound of Wonder!

**Candy Claws- Silent Time of Earth- Hidden Lands
Shugo Tokumaru- Parachutes- Exit
The Sea and Cake- Soft and Sleep- Nassau

Mount Eerie- I Say "No"- Dawn
Yo La Tengo- Today is the Day- Summer Sun
**Sun Kill Moon- Admiral Fell Promises- Admiral Fell Promises

The Acorn- Maplebees- Tin Fist
Aaron Martin- Pinball- Almond

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


The Microphones- I Will Not Contain You- The Glow Part 2
Selda- Tatli Dillim- Turkulerimiz
Brigitte Bardot- Noir et blanc- Brigitte Bardot
Frehel- Musette- Accordeon Musette/Swing/Paris

Concertina Florida Valse- Youtube
French Medley- Youtube
Bruno Coulais- Leuer D'Ete- Les Choristes
Yann Tiersen- Loin Des Villes- Les Retrouvailles

Tin Hat Trio- Fear of the South- Everything is Illuminated Soundtrack
Paul Cantelon- Prologue/Babushka- Everything is Illuminated

The Drums- Submarine- Summertime!
**The Walkmen- Juveniles- Lisbon
**The Walkmen- Angela Surf City- Lisbon

Surf City- Free the City- Surf City
Artichoke- Zeno fo Elea- 26 Scientists, Vol.2

Gorky's Zygotic Mynci- Tatay
Gutevolk- Musical Balloon- The Humming of Tiny People
Tracy Jordan- Werewolf Bar Mitzvah- Youtube

Years- Sept. 5 October 21. 2007- Years
A Hack and a Hacksaw- foni tu argile- Delivrance
Tinariwen- Tin-Essako- The Radio Tisdas Sessions
Leningrad- Dikiy Muzchina- Everything is Illuminated
Csokolom- Amari Szi Amari- Everything is Illuminated

Talkdemonic- Dust and Heat- Eyes at Half Mast
Sto Lat Polka- Happy Birthday Polka- Polish House Party
John Fahey- Sabicas Malaguena- Roots of John Fahey !

Yndi Halda- Dash and Blast- Enjoy Eternal Bliss
Destroyer- School and the Girls Who go there- City of Daughters
Ponies in the Surf- Another Mind- See You Happy Disc 1