Wednesday, December 30, 2009

12.30.09 Deep Sea Diving Plays the Hits

**Fool’s Gold- Surprise Hotel- Fool’s Gold
Camera Obscura- My Maudlin Career- My Maudlin Career
Tune-Yards- FIYA- Bird Brains
Islands- Switched On- Vapours

Taken By Trees- My Boys- East of Eden
Various Artists- Dama Dam Mas Qalandar- The Sound of Wonder
**Cole- Play Out- Gifts
Why?- January Twenty Something- Eskimo Snow

DM Stith- BMB (Son Lux Remix Feat. Carlosaur- BMB ep
St. Vincent- Laughing With a Mouth of Blood- Actor
St. Vincent- Marrow- Actor
**Bobby Birdman- What you Say- New Moods
**Yacht- Psychic City- See Mystery Lights

**Candy Claws- Snowflake Eel Wish- In the Dreams of Sea Life
Animal Collective- Bluish- Merriweather Post Pavillion
**Pregnant- Do That- Liquidation on Swans
**Pregnant- Stars Surround Your House- Liquidation on Swans

**Mason Lindahl- Serrated Man Sound- Serrated Man Sound
**Sam & the Plants- Number Three- The Eft
**Laura Veirs- I can See Your Tracks- July Flame
**Kings of Convenience- 24-25- Declaration of Dependence

**Thomas Function- Belly of the Beast- In the Valley of Sickness
**King Khan & BBQ show- I’ll Be loving you- Invisible Girl
**The Mumlers- Don’t Throw Me Away- Don’t Throw Me Away
Cotton Jones- I am the Changer- Paranoid Cocoon

Deep Sea Diving Best of 2009 Album List: rejoice, the most indecisive person has settled on picks.

10. Various Artists- The Sound of Wonder
 Amazing songs of Pakistani films from the 60s, rediscovered.

9. The Mumlers- Don't Throw Me Away
Garage-y, Soulful, Songs from another time. But now. Really good.

8. Camera Obscura- My Maudlin Career
More pop gems from the Scottish band. A couple of my favorite songs of the year are on here. I might like this even better than "Let's Get Out of this Country."

7. Bobby Birdman- New Moods
A very recent release. His show at UCI convinced me that I needed to listen to the whole album, and I'm so glad I did, because I love every song. The combination of hip hop, electronic, and his beautiful voice is refreshing and fun to listen to even if its been in your car's cd player for a few weeks. This is like if Ron Sexsmith had cool beats and young people wanted to listen to him. Now, dance.

6. Cotton Jones- Paranoid Cocoon
This project of the former Page France dude came out earlier this year. Needless to say I like this way better than Page France. Nothing bad on here. A laid back mix of soul, folk, gospel, garage, and country. With possibly one of my top ten favorite songs of the year "I Am the Changer," this album in its entirety is an amazing debut. 


5. Animal Collective- Merriweather Post Pavillion
For the sheer amount of times that I have played half the songs of this album, it deserves to be in my top 5.  I was absolutely in love with Summertime Clothes, My Girls, Bluish, Daily Routine, Also Frightened, Brother Sport, and Guy's Eyes was pretty good too. While yes, these songs make up most of the album, i still feel like as a whole there are other albums that I like more. However, those songs up there are incredibly good. And so, number 5 it is.
 (Side note: did not know that the album cover is a optical illusion till someone told me.) 

4. Mason Lindahl- Serrated Man Sound
The reason why this album beat out Animal Collective is mostly cuz I just like it as a whole album.  I have also become a big fan of intricate guitar work partly thanks to Brian. Anyway. This is super good.

3. Jonsi & Alex- Riceboy Sleeps
While some people might think this is boring, repetitive, Sigur Ros without vocals, I will agree to disagree. It might be that I am a huge Sigur Ros fan, but to me, even though this is mostly just ambient background music, it happens to be terribly beautiful.  Also I just love Jonsi. He's cute.

2. Andrew Bird- Noble Beast
Once I listened to this earlier in the year I knew it was going to be in my top 2 at least. Andrew Bird is just so good at constructing songs- every single song is really good, not to mention that the songs all weave together to form a really cohesive, amazing album.


bu dum dum dummmm...

1. St. Vincent- Actor
 This album is freakin amazing. Every song is a piece of art, each one is beautiful and interesting both lyrically and construction-wise. I also like the flow and that I am able to listen to a whole album without wanting to skip songs. Also. This lady is just plain adorable. Not that that factored into her number one spot. Okay maybe a little. But no, not really.

Honorable Mentions: they were close.

Sam & the Plants- The Eft

Taken By Trees- East of Eden
(I have a weakness for Eastern instruments)

Bishop Allen- Grrr...
(I seriously had this in my cd player for a couple months, it's really poppy, and good I just liked others a little better)

Tune-Yards- Bird Brains

Candy Claws- In Dreams of Sea Life

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

12.23.09: Deep Sea Diving Christmas Style

Charlie Brown Christmas- O Christmas Tree- Cartoon Classics
White Hinterland- Dreaming of the Plum Trees- Phylactery Factory
Lake- Christmas Island- Let's Build a Roof
Princeton- Where's My Christmas Morning- Plastic Snow: Christmas

Pepe Castillo- Aguinaldo Jibaro (Puerto Rico)- Putumayo World Christmas
Sufjan Stevens- The Friendly Beasts- Hark! Songs for Christmas
Jonathan Richman- Abomidable Snowman in the Market- Berserkley Years
Lord Nelson- A Party for Santa Claus (Trinidad and Tobago)- Mas! A
Carribean Christmas
Los Embajadores Vallenatos- Diciembre (Columbia)- Putumayo World Christmas

Mark Mothersbaugh- Snowflake Music- Bottle Rocket
Doug Randle- Batteries Not Included- Songs for the New Industrial Nation
the sixth great lake- alawys after christmas, boring- Kindercore Christmas
The Bird and the Bee- Carol of the Bells- Carol of the Bells
Asne Valland Nordli- Kling No Klokka (Norway)- Putumayo World Christmas
The Kings of Convenience- Deilig er jorden- Christmas Two: Kindercore

**Efterklang & the Danish National Orchestra- Cutting Ice to Snow-
Performing Parades
Low- If You Were Born today- Christmas
Bruno Coulais- La Nuit- Les Choristes

The Concretes- Lady December- Warm Night EP
George Kuo- Fireside Ki Ho'alu (Hawaii)- Putumayo World Christmas
Christmas Carol Skit--
Frances- All the While- All the While
The Russian Futurists- It's Not Really Cold When It Snows- Let's Get Ready
to Crumble
Why?- Eskimo Snow- Eskimo Snow
Belle & Sebastian- Fox in the Snow- If You're Feeling Sinister

Low- Silent Night- Christmas
Sufjan Stevens- Sister Winter- Songs for Christmas

Wednesday, December 16, 2009



High Inergy- Shoulda Gone Dancin- Motown Singles
Avalanches- A Different Feeling- Since I Left You

twi the humble feather- adventures of castle one- music for spaceships and
**Bobby Birdman- Victory at Sea- New Moods
**Candy Claws- Flashy Storm- In the Dream of Sea Life
No Kids- Great Escape- Come Into My House

Doug Randle- Friend of Mine- Songs for a New Industrial State
**Thomas Function- Belly of the Beast- In the Belly of the Beast
**King Khan and the BBQ Show- I'll Be Loving You- Invisible Girl
Buena Vista Social Club- Y Tu Que Has Hecho- Buena Vista Social Club
**Los Silvertones- Up Tight- Panama! 3

Julie Doiron- Spill Yer Lungs- I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day
Moloko- Over and Over- Statues
Au Revoir Simone- Stay Golden- Myspace (Request)

David Bazan- Selling Advertizing- Myspace (Request)
**Half-Handed Cloud- I Got A Letter- Cut Me Down and Count My Rings
**Boat- Jeff Fell Dream- Setting the Paces
Sea and Cake- Too Strong- Everbody

**Clare and the Reasons- You Gettin Me- Arrow
**Golden Ghost- Pea & Primrose- The Unimaginative Body
**Holopaw- The Art Teacher and the Little Stallion- Oh, Glory, Oh, Wilderness
**Laura Veirs- Make Something Good- July Flame

**Pregnant- For Sometimes- Liquidation on Swans
**Computer Perfection- Cicadian Dance Show- We Wish You Well On Your Way
to Hell
Of Montreal- Requiem for o.m.m,2- The Sunlandic Twins

jj- intermezzo- jjno2
Anathallo- Casa no Hone(The Um- Floating World
**Mason Lindahl- Serrated Man Sound- ""
ecstatic sunshine- herrons- way

9.9.09 DJ RYAN *Rye Bread* in the House! Subbin my show!

Track- Artist- Album

Music Bed is Do Make Say Think - Winter Hymn Country Hymn Secret Hymn

What Would I Want? Sky -- Animal Collective -- Fall Be Kind EP**
Daydream -- Beach Fossils -- Beach Fossils LP
Anything Could Happen -- The Clean -- Anthology

Norman Bleik -- I Was A King -- I Was A King
A Minha Menina -- Os Mutantes -- Tropicalia: A Brazilian Revolution in Sound
Lost in Paradise -- Caetano Veloso -- Tropicalia: A Brazilian Revolution in Sound
Ambling Alp -- Yeasayer -- Ambling Alp Single**

Down by the Water -- The Drums -- Summertime EP**
Dumb Luck -- Real Estate -- Reality 12"**
Fake Blues -- Real Estate -- Real Estate**
Wishes -- Duck Tails -- Landscapes

Alisa -- Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti -- House Arrest
In My Room -- Best Coast -- Make You Mine**
Make You Mine -- Best Coast -- Make You Mine**

Super-Sonic -- The Brian Jonestown Massacre -- Give it Back
Morning Light -- Girls -- Album**

It's Alright -- Spacemen 3 -- Taking Drugs to Make Music To Take Drugs To
Here I Dreamt I Was An Architect -- The Decemberists -- Castaways and Cutouts
Blood in You Ear -- Thee Oh See's -- Blood in Your Ear**
Drop -- Velvet Davenport -- Lemon Drop Square Box

Heart Skipped A Beat -- The XX -- XX**
Backyards -- Broken Social Scene -- Bee Hives
Autumn -- Surf City -- Surf City EP
Don't Lie -- The Mantles -- The Mantles

2 Rights Make 1 Wrong -- Mogwai -- Rock Action

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


High Inergy- Shoulda Gone Dancin- Motown Disco
The Avalanches- Electricity- Since I Left You
Bobby Birdman- A Feat So Bold- Heart Caves
**Get Back Giunozzi- Baby Baby- Carpet Madness
**Cole- You Are Bold- Gifts

No Kids- Four Freshman Locked Out as the Sun Goes Down- Come Into My House
The Welcome Wagon- Unless the Lord the House Shall Build- Welcome to the Welcome Wagon
**Half-Handed Cloud- Bees are Trying to Build Their Nest in You- Cut Me Down and Count My Rings
**Sonny and the Sunsets- Lovin' on an Older Gal- Tommorrow is Alright
Jonathan Richman- Abdul and Cleopatra- Berserkley Years

Julianna Barwick- The Highest- Florine
**Get Back Giunozzi- I don't Want to Sleep Alone- Carpet Madness
To Kill A Petty Bourgeoisie- track 6- Marlone
Animal Collective- What Would I Want? Sky- Fall Be Kind

Frances- Lighthouse- All the While
David Byrne and Brian Eno- Strange Overtones- Everything that Happens will Happen Today
Sam and the Plants- - The Eft
James Blackshaw- Fix- The Glass Bead Game
Mum- I'm 9 Today- Yesterday was Dramatic Today was OK
**Sam and the Plants- Board Snore- The Eft
Brendan Canning- All the Best Wooden Toys Come From Germany

**Efterklang- Illuminant- Performing Parades
**Clare & The Reasons- Kyoto Nights- Arrow
Petracovich- Others- We Are Wyoming
Jonsi and Alex- Stokkeseyri- Riceboy Sleeps
White Hinterland- Hung by a Thin Thread- Phylactery Factory


No Kids- I Love the Weekend- Come Into My House
**Bobby Birdman- You'd Be Surprised- New Moons
Guy Fantastico- Mistakes Mistakes- Nesting
(backannounce- **900x-The Black Beach- music for lubbock

**Cole- Play Out- Gifts
**Get Back Guinozzi- Carpet Madness- Carpet Madness
Shonen Knife- Jet- Super Group
**Candy Claws- Starry Fighter Kite- Dream of Sea Life

**Lymbyc System- Ghost Clock- Shutter Release
Shonen Knife- BBQ Party- Super Group
Boat- We Want It! We Want It!-Setting the Paces
Little Teeth- Applegate- Childbearing Man
**Real Estate- Green River- S/T
Julianna Barwick- Anjos- Florine

Asobi Seksu- Pink Cloud Tracing Paper- Citrus
Marmoset- Peach Cobbler- Tea Tornado
Mary Onettes- Symmetry