Monday, March 30, 2009


Josephine Foster- I Love You and the Springtime Blues- This Coming Gladness

Brigitte Bardot- El Cuhipe- Brigitte Bardot
Seu Jorge- Bola De Meia (Sock-Filled Ball)- Cru
**Hello Seahorse!- Lost Cause Hearts- Hoy A Las Ocho
Bishop Allen- Like Castanets- The Broken String
Devendra Banhart- Santa Maria Da Feira- Cripple Crow

Club 8- You and Me- Labrador 100- A Complete History of Popular Music
**Andrew Bird- Oh No- Noble Beast
Noah and the Whale- Five Years Time- Peaceful, the World Lays Me Down

Russian Futurists- Let's Get Ready to Crumble- Let's Get Ready to Crumble
**Malajube- Luna- Labyrinthes
**Matt & Kim- Turn This Boat Around- Grand
**Phoenix- 1901- Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

**The Pains of Being Pure at Heart- Everything With You- The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
**Surf City- Records of a Flagpole Skater- Surf City EP
**Hotels- Kite Fight- Where Hearts Go Broke

**Asobi Seksu- Meh No Mae- Hush
**Animal Collective- Also Frightened- Merriweather Post Pavillion
Beach House- Heart and Lungs- Beach House
White Hinterland- Napoleon at Waterloo- Phylactery Factory

**M.Ward- Never Had Nobody Like You- Hold Time
**Bishop Allen- Oklahoma- Grrr...
Belle and Sebastian- Piazza New York Catcher- Dear Catstrophe Waitress
Preak Faens- Wintering Out- Wintering Out
**Cotton Jones- Gone the Bells- Paranoid Cocoon

Olafur Arnalds- 1440- Arnalds: Eulogy for Evolution

3.20.09: DJ Paul subs my show, Yay!

1. The Microphones - Mt. Eerie - Mount Eerie
2. Dear Nora - This Is Not A Test -Three States Rariities 1997-2007*
3. Abe Vigoda - The Reaper - Reviver
4. The Pains of Being Pure At Heart - A Teenager In Love - S/t*
5. The Ecstasy Of St. Theresa - Icecream Star - Susurrate

6. Ecstatic Sunshine - Little Dipper Big Dipper - Freckle Wars
7. Pwrfl Power - Wndrfl Ghost - Electrified Fruits
8. Wavves - No Hope Kids - Wavvves*
9. E*vax - The Process of Leaving - Parking Lot Music

10. High places - Gold Coin - High Places*
11. Growing - Green Flag - All the Way
12. Julie Doiron - Je Le Savais - I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day*

13. Andrew Bird - Oh No - Noble Beast*
14. A.C. Newman - The Heartbreak RIdes - Get Guilty*
15. The Magnetic Fields - 100,000 Fireflies - The Wayward Bus/ Distant Plastic Trees
16. Bon Iver - Babys - Blood Bank*

17. M. Ward - Fisher of Men - Hold Time*
18. Calvin Johnson - Love Will Come Back Again - What Was Me
19. Bonne "Prince" Billy - My Life's Work - Beware*
20. Smog - I Break Horses

21. Mirah - Education - (a)spera*
22. Pants Yell! - For Dee - Alison Statton
23. The World Court - Maps - PDX POP NOW!
24. The Robot Ate Me - Empty Feelings - PDX POP NOW!

25. Crystal Stilt - Departure - Alight Of Night



**Sparks- Good Morning- Exotic Creatures of the Deep
**A.C. Newman- The Palace at 4 AM- Get Guilty
**Matt & Kim- Cutdown- Grand

Jean Michel Bernard- Grotte Stephane Stephanie- The Science of Sleep
**Tune-yards- Little Tiger- Bird-Brains
**Dirty Projectors & David Byrne- Knotty Pine- Dark Was the Night
Twin Sister- Ginger- Vampires with Dreaming Kids

**The Love Language- Lalita- The Love Language
**Malajube- Dragon De Glace- Labyrinthes
**Asobi Seksu- I Can't See- Hush
**Bell Orchestre- Water/Light/Shifts- As Seen Through Windows
Beach House- You Came to Me- Devotion
Mount Eerie- Log in the Waves- Eleven Old Songs of Mount Eerie

**La Llorona- Beirut- March of the Zapotec
Markscheider Kunst- The Dance- Russendisko
Gogol Bordello- Occurence on the Border (Hopping on a Pogo Gypsy Stick)-Multi Kontra Culti Vs. Irony
Leprikonsi- Chicks Don't Fall in Love with Me- Russendisko

The Boticellis- Old Home Movies- Old Home Movies
The Russian Futurists- When the Sun Dops Like An Anvil- Let's Get Ready to Crumble
**Surf City- Headin' Inside- Surf City EP

Seu Jorge- Don't- Cru
**M. Ward- For Beginners- Hold Time
Nathan Lawr and the Minotaurs- Righteous Heart- Myspace
Ponies in the Surf- Sweet & Low- See You Happy Disc 1
Gael Garcia Bernal, Sacha Bourdo Alain Chabat Aurelia pertit- If YouRescue Me- Science of Sleep
Francoise Hardy- San Salvador- Soleil

Taj Mahal- Happy Just to Be Like I Am- Happy Just to Be Like I Am
Jamie Lidell- Another Day- JIM
**Cotton Jones- I'm a Changer- Paranoid Cocoon

**Hello Seahorse!- Won't Say Anything- Hoy A Las Ocho

Friday, March 6, 2009


Jonathan Richman- Egyptian Reggae- Surrender to Jonathan
The Fastbacks- Waterloo Sunset- Give The People What We Want: Songs of the Kinks
Dear Nora- Up On the Roof- Three States: Rarities 1997-2007

**Malajube- Casablanca- Labyrinthes
**A.C. Newman- The Changeling (Get Guilty)- Get Guilty
Silver Jews- We Could Be Looking for the Same Thing- Tanglewood Numbers
**M. Ward- For Beginners- Hold Time

School of Seven Bells- Wired For Light- Alpinisms
**Bell Orchestre- Icicles/Bicycles- As Seen Through Windows
Efterklang- Mirador- Parades
Paavoharju- Tuoksu Tarttuu Meihin- Laulu Laakson Kukista

**Hello Seahorse!- Ok!... Lobster- Hoy a las Ocho
Mount Righteous- When the Child Awakes- When the Music Starts
**Drew Danburry- Billboards- This Could Mean Trouble, You Don't Speak forthe Club
**Dent May and his Magnificent Ukulele- I'm an Alcoholic- The Good Feeling Music of Dent May and his Magnificent Ukulele

**Polka Dot Dot Dot- Small Words, Bigger Lessons- Love Letter to New Zealand
**Tune-yards- Synonynonoym- Bird Brains
**Julie Doiron- Je Le Savais- I can Wonder What You Did with your Day
**Animal Collective- Bluish- Merriweather Post Pavillion
Beach House- Astronaut- Devotion

Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players- Eggs- Vintage Slide Collections from Seattle, Vol. 1
**Cotton Jones- Gotta Cheer up- Paranoid Cocoon
**The Tallest Man on Earth- Honey Won't You Let Me In- Shallow Grave
**Grizzly Bear- Deep Blue Sea- Dark Was The Night
**Andrew Bird- Not a Robot but a Ghost- Noble Beast

Aaron Ross- Mississipi Burning- Shapeshifter

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Annuals- Brother- Be/He/Me
Bodies of Water- Doves Circled in the Sky- Ears Will Pop and Eyes Will Blink
Matt & Kim- No More Long Years- Matt & Kim
Marnie Stern- Roads? Where we're Going we Don't Need Roads- This is it...

The Blow- Parenthesis- Paper Television
**Hello Seahorse!- Ok!... Lobster- Hoy a las Ocho
**Drew Danbury- I'm Pretty Sure- This Could Mean Trouble, You Don't Speak for the Club

Anton Karas- Third Man Theme- The Third Man Theme and Other VienneseFavorites
Beirut- The Shrew- March of the Zapotec
Seu Jorge- Sao Gonca- Cru
Buena Vista Social Club- La Bella Cubana- Buena Vista Social Club
Cesaria Evora- Amore E Mar- Rogamar
**Suburban Kids With Biblical Names- 1999- #4 EP

**Animal Collective- Daily Routine- Merriweather Post Pavilion
**Max Tundra- Gum Chimes- Parallax Error Beheads You
**Max Tundra- Which Song- Parallax Error Beheads You
Acid House Kings- Beautiful Loser- Mondays Are Like Tuesdays and Tuesdays Are Like Wednesdays

Aaron Ross- The Mountain- Shapeshifter
The Tallest Man On Earth- The Gardener- Shallow Grave
**Ben Kweller- Fight- Changing Horses
**M. Ward- Rave On- Hold Time
Thao- Yes and So On and So On- We Brave Bee Stings and All

The Makers- Strangers- Give the People What They Want- Songs of the Kinks
King Khan and the Shrines- Welfare Bread- The Supreme Genius of King Khan and the Shrines
Silver Jews- Candy Jail- Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea
Stephen Malkmus- Jenny and the Ess-dog- Stephen Malkmus

Explosions in the Sky- Your Hand in Mine- The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place