Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Deep Sea Diving Christmas Mix

I found out how to use 8 tracks, so maybe I will be featuring more playlists up here. Thanks to Matt for The Ventures and Irene tunes!

Friday, December 2, 2011

happy songs

Lake- Roger Miller
This song is my favorite off of the album that came out earlier this year, Giving and Receiving. How can any English major resist that first verse. And I'm not even a Hemingway fan. ( ;__; Sorry, gods of the American literary canon).

Here is a beautiful description of the lyrics by Ashley Eriksson of Lake:
The experience of art can be so overpowering. I’m the kind of person that starts crying during the trailers before a movie even starts. Once I went to an art museum and cried uncontrollably while staring at a field painting by Morris Louis. Another feeling that people have when they experience art is that the artist has somehow channeled the listener/viewer or that they are talking about the listener/viewer, personally. Rather than feeling “This is like me” they actually think “This is me.”

Acid House Kings- I Just called to Say (Something in Swedish*)
Dare you to feel sad while listening to this. I dare you.

*for those curious and not linguistically inclined, he is calling to say he loves you. yay, google translate!