Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Jonathan Richman- Rooming House on Venice Beach- I, Jonathan
King Sunny Ade- 365 Is My Number- Juju Music
El Guincho- Kalise- Alegranza
Kassin + 2- Samba Machine- Futurismo

Seu Jorge- Rebel Rebel- The Life Aquatic
Federico Aubele- Lluvia- Panamerica

Half-Handed Cloud- Skip the Rope- Halos and Lassos
Bishop Allen- The News From Your Bed- The Broken String
Frida Hyvonen- Come Another Night- Until Death Comes
Little Joy- Play the Part- Little Joy
St. Vincent- Human Racing- Marry Me
**Julie Doiron- Glad to Be Alive- I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day

Beach House- Lovelier Girl- Beach House
**The Long Lost- Regrets Only- The Long Lost
**Yonlu- Waterfall- A Society In Which No Tear is Shed

Suburban Kids With Biblical Names- Peter's Dream- #3
Nat Baldwin- De-Attached- Most Valuable Player
Dent May and his Magnificent Ukulele- Oh Paris!- The Good Feeling Music of Dent May and his Magnificent Ukulele
**Boy Least Likely To- Every Goliath Has His David- Law of the Playground

**Metronomy- A Thing For Me- Nights Out
French Miami- Lil' Rabbits- French Miami
**Dan Deacon- Of the Mountains- Bromst
**Pomegranates- The Southern Ocean- Everybody, Come Outside!
**Surf City- Headin' Inside- Surf City EP

**It Hugs Back- Remember- Inside Your Guitar
Jens Lekman- It Was a Strange Time in My Life- Night Falls Over Kortedala

Monday, April 20, 2009


Clap Your Hands Say Yeah- Upon This Tidal Wave of Young Blood- Clap YourHands Say Yeah
**hotels- leilani- Where Hearts Go Broke

**amadou and mariam- ce n'est pas bon- welcome to mali
antn hrkwk- turn up the magic- Mutually Assured
**The Long Lost- Cat Fancy- The Long Lost
Dosh- Bottom of a Well- The Lost Take
**Royksopp- Miss it so Much- Junior
**St. Vincent- The Strangers- Actor

Antarctica Takes It!- C&F- The Penguin League
**Hello Seahorse!- Antarceder En Parapent- Hoy A Las Ocho
**The Boy Least Likely To- A Balloon on a Broken String- The Law of thePlayground
**AC Newman- The Palace at 4 AM- Get Guilty

**Bishop Allen- Ancient Common Sense of Things- Grrr...
**Pomegranates- Beachcomber- Everybody Come Outside
**The Harlem Shakes- Niagara Falls- Technicolor Health
**The Comet Gain- Books of California- Broken Record Prayers

Ganache- In Pidgin- A Halter Pardon Him and Hell Gnaw his Bones
Magnetic Fields- All My Little Words- 69 Love Songs (request)
Max Henry- Dark as a dungeon- N/A
**Yonlu- Little Kids- A Society in Which No tear is shed

Josephine Foster- Nahe des Geliebten- A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
Francoise Hardy- Touse Les Garcons et Les Filles- The Yeh Yeh Girl From Paris

**The Decemberists- The Hazards 3 (Revenge!)- The Hazards of Love
**Julie Doiron- Tailor- I Can Wonder What you Did With Your Day

The Russian Futurists- Telegram from the Future- Me, Myself, and Rye
4 Bonjour's Parties- Otogima Horse- Pigments Drift to the Brook


St. Vincent- Now, Now- Marry Me
**Amadou & Miriam- Sabali- Welcome to Mali
Dosh- O Mexico- The Lost Take
**Bell Orchestre- Icicles/Bicycles- As Seen Through Windows

Mikis Theodrakis- Zorba the Greek- Zorba the Greek
**Beirut- My Wife- March of the Zapotec
**The Long Lost- Ballroom Dancing Club- The Long Last
**Julie Doiron- Spill Yer Lungs- I Can Wonder What You Would Do...

Brigitte Bardot- Noir Et Blanc- Brigitte Bardot
Scott Joplin- Pineapple Ragtime- Ragtime

**A.C. Newman- Young Atlantis- Get Guilty
White Hinterland- Hometown Hooray- Phylactery Factory
**Tune-yards- Fiya- Bird-Brains

Ruby Suns- Adventure Tour- Sea Lion
Russian Futurists- You Dot Me Dot T Dot- Lets Get Ready to Crumble
**Hello Seahorse!- No Encontre Nada- Hoy a Las Ocho

**Bishop Allen- Dirt on Your New Shoes- Grrr...
Magnetic Fields- I Think I Need a New Heart- 69 Love Songs
Page France- Junkyard- Hello, Dear Wind
**Cotton Jones- Some Strange Rain- Paranoid Cocoon
Tallest Man on Earth- Where Do My Bluebird Fly- Tallest Man on Earth

**The Boy Least Likely To- I Keep Myself to Myself- The Law of the
**M. Ward- For Beginners- Hold Time
Calexico/Iron & Wine- 16, Maybe Less- In the Reins
Camera Obscura- Lloyd Im Ready to Be Heartbroken- Let's Get Out of This Country

Grizzly Bear- Deep Sea Diver- Horn of Plenty
Gastr Del Sol- Seasons Reverse- Camofleur

Wednesday, April 8, 2009